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From being a medium to gather information, the internet today has exploded into a place where thousands of people make money. Read about true stories of how people went from having nothing but are now quite wealthy through their online endeavors. Read More…

Affiliate Marketing Business

Here’s an opportunity to start an online business with ZERO or minimal investment. Remember, the online world doesn’t require you to invest heavily. In fact lots of people get started without investing even a single penny, and the best part is that you don’t even need an office to get started. Read More….

There is no doubt that Internet is fast becoming a popular source of income for many people. But some time back this avenue belonged primarily to the work-from-home moms and college students, who either wanted some flexibility in their otherwise hectic schedule, or were looking for some extra pocket money.

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Nothing Called Job Security

Things however have changed a lot now. With regular jobs offering little security and offline businesses needing lots of investment, people have started exploring online opportunities to generate income.

You may still look for an office job, but it may not get any better for you, and more importantly you won’t have control over what you can do and how much you can earn. Besides, the insecurity will always be there.

Necessity is Indeed a Motivator

The good thing about online jobs and opportunities is thing it doesn’t need much investment to get started, and once you understand the online landscape you can earn well.

There has been an increase in the number and type of online jobs in the market. And if you don’t have a job nor lots of capital to invest, and still want to generate an income, then this is one of the few options left to you.

Here are some of the popular money making opportunities that people are already using to make money, and something that even you could explore:

Infopreneur Hard Goods Creators/Sellers Affiliate Businesses
Service Businesses Local Offline Businesses Referrers/Finders
Web Professionals Net Auction Sellers Network Marketing (MLM)
E-goods Creators/Sellers Sales and Rental Agents AdSense/Other Ad Strategies

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If that list looks overwhelming, you may start only with a few of those, such as:


Freelancing is similar to doing a job, but from the comfort of your own home, and without committing to any one particular employer. Its like being self-employed (like being an ‘Independent contractor’); you work on projects/tasks and get paid for it when the job is done.

You can freelance in your area of expertise; it could be web designing and development, copywriting, transcribing audios, or web content writing (writing for other website owners).

Freelancer is one popular website for freelancing opportunities; it’s the world’s largest freelancing, outsourcing and crowd-sourcing marketplace for small businesses.

Virtual Assistant Jobs

Similar to freelancing, it deserves a special mention because of its growing scope and popularity, and is an easy option to make money online. As a virtual assistant (VA), you are required to work with a specific client (individual or business) and carry out certain tasks.

Every business requires calling people, checking emails, gathering some information (online), managing spreadsheets/database entries, dealing with social accounts, writing articles, doing keyword research & link building, and many more tasks. Most of these can be outsourced to a VA. And even if the VA is not well-versed in some of these tasks, most clients are usually ready to train the VA (most of these tasks are quite simple though).

Virtual assistant jobs are very popular because the jobs are simple, yet enable you to make money. To be able to work as a VA, you’ll need to setup a small home office with equipment like computer, high speed internet connection, printer, land line phone, etc. Good typing skills, and you ability to multitask does help to do this job well, and also get more clients.

Online Survey Jobs

I’m sure you may have seen ads such as “Online Paid Surveys”, “Get Paid To Take Surveys”, and so on while surfing the Internet. If you are wondering whether these really pay money or are just scams, the answer to that is ‘you can indeed get paid to take surveys Online’.

Every year, companies around the world spend billions of dollars to conduct online surveys, and this is where you could cash in. There are several companies who are willing to pay you to participate in online surveys and focus groups.

These jobs are the easiest to do, and suitable for college students (who have less spare time), and even for those who’re looking for work-from-home opportunities that are less challenging. You just need to answer queries, fill forms, complete offers or select an answer from multiple options. In return, you can expect cash payments, gift cards, restaurant coupons and various other forms of incentives.

Contrary to what you may read on the Internet, paid online surveys will NOT make you a fortune. However, making a few hundred dollars from these jobs is a reasonable expectation.

Click here to know about the most popular online survey companies that are legit!

Online Business

The word ‘business’ make many people jittery, as opposed to the word ‘job’. There are many who would say that “I can’t even think about starting my own business”. If that’s the way you think, you should reconsider your thinking.

Even if somebody gave you a job (lets suppose, on freelancer), that job would get finished some day and you’ll have to look for more jobs/assignments. So even with jobs, you have to reach prospective clients, tell them about your expertise, get the work & execute it well.

Well that’s what you would do in a business as well, right?

And the good thing about an online business is that you can always start on a much smaller scale, something that can be done just by one person (you)…at least to begin with. With an online business, you basically create an asset (over time) that you can also sell (if need be), and that’s the major advantage of owning a business. If you want to start an online business, start reading here!

Most also get confused between Blogging and online business, but the fact is that blogging is a part of building an online business. You blog to attract readers, which are like prospective clients/customers, and you can monetize them in a number of ways, and so it’s a part of your online business. With blogging, you can easily turn your passion (pets, music, photography, etc) into a business.

Bloggers also have tremendous power of influencing visitors (achieved after years of hard work though); some of the famous bloggers that comes to my mind instantly are Steve Pavlina, Seth Godin, Pat Flynn, Spencer Haws, etc.

How Does this Site Help?

Here are some key features of this site:

  • Written for the novice
  • Case Studies
  • Regularly updated with the latest business tools, articles and industry news
  • An Amazon Store designed to provide you with books and resources to kick-start your online education

  • No Wild Claims

    It is natural for human beings to give into the temptation of making money quickly. There are many so-called gurus out there who try to cater to that desire.

    Okay, what sounds logical…

    “Work 10 hours every day and 6 to 12 months down the line, you could possible reach a point where you are making 100 dollars a day” or

    “Buy this ebook or software and you will be there by next week”?

    So don’t fall for the temptation to make money fast. A successful and lasting business or money making system takes time to build. And I feel it’s well worth the effort, considering the freedom you get.

    So no wild claims of making tons of money easily!

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